Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a real source of pleasure and even happiness. It’s an entertaining activity that helps you make money fast. But if you play too much, you’re likely to face serious problems, not only on the financial side, but especially on your behavior. This addiction will eventually create conflicts in the family and / or society. To take full advantage of all the benefits of the game, playing responsibly is the ideal approach.

Here are the keys to achieving this:

Keep in Mind the Negative Impact of Addiction

As a responsible player you should take care to not give in to addiction while continuing to enjoy the benefits of your favorite game. You should know very well that by playing too much, you will end up dealing with anxiety, turbulence, stress, and so on. You may also have difficulty controlling your behavior towards others and may even be rejected by your family or society.

Prepare for Gain and Loss

 The bad consequences of gambling addiction are not limited to sentimental and behavioral problems. It can also cause financial difficulty. Even after a significant loss, as an addicted player you will always bet in the hope of winning. You will not be able to keep your cool and can even create significant damage in case of failure.

To avoid exposing yourself to ruin, you must prepare for either a gain or a loss as a result of gambling. If you are lucky, you will be able to earn real money. If not, you will have to be content with having been able to participate in a fun game.

Set Money and Time Limits

A passionate gambler often tends to go beyond limits. As a result of a loss, he does not hesitate to spend all his money. Similarly for his time, he does not want to leave his screen. On a daily basis, he suffers a lot if he does not have access to his favorite activity. Not to become an addict player, you are advised to set limits to your gambling time and money. Thanks to this initiative, you will not be tempted to recover any losses by continuing to play. In some cases, you have to accept the fact that you do not have a chance to win.

Cooling off

If you notice an irresistible pressure or desire to play, take a break. It will allow you to re-define certain boundaries so that you are safe from significant losses and the negative consequences of addiction. You can take advantage of this little break to relax a little, without forgetting to think about a new way to play to succeed.

Nothing prevents you to think of an innovative technique to win each shot. Thus, you will have the opportunity to go through a small transition phase, which will increase your chance to make money through your favorite casino game. These little moments will also help you to put an end to failure. You should also not forget that gambling is a source of pleasure and must not change direction.


It is possible to self-exclude from a casino. You can use self-exclusion to reduce or stop your playing practice. This is a voluntary approach to avoid gambling addiction. Self-exclusion is a new initiative of which main scope is to prevent and eradicate addiction to online casino games. Unfortunately, these individualized programs are initiated only upon player’s request to his online operator … and especially they are imposed only on websites approved by national regulatory bodies!  Because if online casinos have no obligation, they nevertheless have a “responsible gambling” heading , with a range of solutions to fight addiction to the game (restriction of the number of connections or weekly / monthly hours of play, limitation of the amount of deposits for a specified period, permanent self-exclusion etc).

Organizations to help you

The first thing to do, if you realize you are engaging in risky behaviors or that you are suffering from a gambling addiction, is to contact an organization that specializes in problem gambling. To combat gambling addiction, there are several organizations offering help to problem gamblers, by phone or in specialized centers.


Be Gamble Aware


Game Care


Gamblers Anonymous


Division of Gaming Enforcement Self Exclusion Registration (US)


To sum up, addiction to gambling is not something to be taken lightly. Like addiction to alcohol or drugs, it can be very devastating if it is allowed to develop. Fortunately, there are solutions at all levels. When addiction is detected early, it’s easier to get by, even on your own. But if, on the other hand, it is already developed, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to solve the problem alone. Do not hesitate to seek help from specialized institutions, as this does not have to be a solo mission.


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